A Framework for Information Design in the Information Age

Prof. Sunghyun Kang
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Technology in the 21st century has changed the way we communicate and brought new experiences to our everyday lives. Information design is the term used to describe the visualization and display of complex data. The increasing influence of new technologies has resulted in the expansion of information design's realm; therefore, information design requires a new paradigm. Recently, information design has been defined in many different ways by researchers, practitioners and organizations across different disciplines as they struggle to integrate new technologies into the definition. The ultimate goal of information design is to help people to find information easily and effectively regardless of the communication medium. The purpose of this presentation is to debate the changing paradigm of information design and to discuss the role of information design in the changed context presented by new technologies. In this research, information design is divided into three categories: information design in two-dimensional space, information design in three-dimensional space, and information design in virtual space/four-dimensional space. The characteristics of information design in each category and inter-relationships between these categories will be discussed.

Keywords: Information Design, Information Space, Cross-Disciplines
Stream: Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Framework for Information Design in the Information Age

Prof. Sunghyun Kang

Assistant Professor, College of Design Department of Art and Design, Iowa State University

Sunghyun Kang received a B.F.A. degree in the field of applied art from Ewha Women's University in Korea. She earned a M.F.A. degree in graphic communication from the University of Houston and an M.A. degree in graphic design in 1999 from Iowa State University. She joined as a faculty of Department of Art and Design at Iowa State University in 2000. Her teaching and research is focus on graphic design, human interaction, web based design, and visual communication. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching, research, and consulting in these areas in Korea and U.S. She has presented and published at numerous conference including Asian Design Conference, Korean Society Design Conference, and Japanese Society for the Science and Design conference, and America Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). She serves as a juror for the Journal of Korea Society of Design Studies and served as a juror for the 6th Asian Design Conference.

Ref: H05P0430