Metonyms Contained within Ontologies on a Homeland Security: Representation of Change in a Sociopolitical Paradigm

Prof Mounir Kehal,
Dr. Helene Cristini
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Using automatic text analysis methodology described below, we are to attempt and validate our hypothesis through select sets of domain specific corpora. Inline with a case analysis framework and grounded theory, for our observational study. Historical Studies methodology, - Collect a random sample of text corpora in a domain (may include sub-domains). That of investigation: satellite technology - Frequency analysis for single and compound specialist terms - Study semantic relationships hyponymy (type of)/metonymy (kind of): micropropulsion (type of propulsion) meronymy (part of): ionospheric (part of the sphere) - Extract candidate ontology - Map the ontology in a document database of the domain Our basic assumption is that frequency is a correlate of acceptability (Quirk, 1985).

Keywords: Terminology Adaptation, Paradigm Change, Knowledge Management
Stream: Political Science, Politics
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Metonyms Contained within Ontologies on Homeland Security

Prof Mounir Kehal

Professor in Computing Science, Computing Science, International University of Monaco

BSc Comp. (IS Eng), MBA, PHD Comp. (in prog.), MIEEE, MIACIS, MAIS. Member of the Review Panel for a Special Issue of IJMDM, International Journal of Management and Decision Making. Member of the Editorial Review Board for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects. Member of the Artificial Intelligence Group, University of Surrey, UK. Professor in Computing Science, International University of Monaco.

Dr. Helene Cristini

Professor in Political Science and International Relations, International University of Monaco

Ref: H05P0426