Text Vibrations: Information Literacy as Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts Classroom

Dr Kirilka Stavreva,
Prof Shannon Reed
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In an era of rapid information overload, isolationist specialization, and relentless demand for instantaneous (re)production of knowledge, we believe that it is our crucial task to teach habits of critical engagement with texts as situated within and contributing to multiple domains of knowledge. Our paper explores pedagogical practices and assignments developed to this end for an introductory class in literature and writing and for a senior English seminar. Both classes set the development of information literacy skills as a significant teaching goal. Designed to promote a recursive engagement with literary and critical texts within multiple discursive domains, the pedagogical tools discussed not only teach students how to access, evaluate, and use information, but also foster critical thinking and intellectual curiosity about the interconnected web of creative and intellectual expression.

Keywords: Information Literacy, Liberal Arts, Pedagogy, Critical Reading, Recursive Reading, Discursive Domain
Stream: Knowledge
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Text Vibrations

Dr Kirilka Stavreva

Associate Professor, Department of English, Cornell College

Prof Shannon Reed

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Cornell College

Ref: H05P0403