Alternatives to Master Narratives

Prof Patricia Moody
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In an academic environment in which the discipline of literary study is informed by contemporary critical theory, we are accustomed to raising questions about power and authority, about what's at stake when we read, and about the "master narratives" and their alternatives. In courses on the history of the English language, however, as taught within English departments, the master narrative is still firmly in place, where the linguistic equivalent of "Wulf to Woolf" is the order of the day. This presentation, based on examination of the textbook tradition, examines the nature of linguistic evidence on which the master narrative depends, and poses an alternative approach.

Keywords: History of the English language, Critical theory
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Language, Linguistics
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Prof Patricia Moody

Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University

With a B.S. and M.A. from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin, Pat Moody is an experienced administrator and educator, having taught at every level, from first-year through graduate, and in a wide array of venues, including limited-residency and on-line. She has served as department administrator, including a term as chair, and as chair of the university's interdisciplinary Linguistics Studies Program (Syracuse University). She has been recognized for her excellence in teaching by her university and by the New York State Council of Teachers of English.

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