Incorporating Music into the Writing Classroom

Mr. Dave Darrar
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The main idea driving the workshop comes from Howard Gardner's theory of "Multiple Intelligences". My goal is to take "Musical Intelligence" and use it in a writing classroom to facilitate the writing process. The focus of the workshop will be the prewriting stage with a particular emphasis on freewriting and brainstorming. Participants in the workshop will go through the process as if they are students so they can empathize with their students' concerns. Recorded music by Mozart, DeBussy, and Holst will be used as well as live music based on one of James Baldwin's short stories "Sonny's Blues". Other authors and theorists works incorporated in the workshop are Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Thomas Armstrong, John Holt, and Jeanne Bamberger.

Keywords: Teaching, Learning, Music, Writing Process
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Mr. Dave Darrar

English Teacher, Old Bridge Board of Education

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