Some Thoughts on the Cognitive Dimensions of Politics

Prof. Murray Faure
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Very generally stated, this paper attempts to explore some of the complex relations between abstract modes of cognition and their implications for politics. Relations between categories such as relativism and rationalism are fundamental cognitive positions in this respect. Related concepts such as relativity and rationality supplement the exploration of these relations. The implications that these relations have for understanding politics seem to be all-important in that they open up and tie together the concepts of space (culture) and time (history) as cognitive dimensions as well. The analysis employs a number of theoretical constructs, mainly for heuristic reasons, to tie together and analyse the various modes of cognition and their respective implications for understanding politics. The paper is in many ways unconventional, exploratory and tentative in that it attempts to combine insights from the philosophy of science with those of political theory and a common-sense understanding of the nature of politics.

Keywords: Cognition, Politics, Relativism, Rationalism, Space, Time, History, Culture
Stream: Political Science, Politics
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Paper: Thoughts on the Cognitive Dimensions of Politics, Some

Prof. Murray Faure

Professor, Professor Political Science Department of Political Sciences, University of South Africa
South Africa

Ref: H05P0039