Integrated Liberal and Professional Learning: Putting Imagination to Work

Dr Janet Bowdan,
Dr. Doug Battema
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A course designed to satisfy a requirement to integrate humanities-oriented critical thinking skills with the professionally oriented desire to produce functional (and preferably marketable) results, "The Moving Image" teaches students a variety of writing techniques and shows them how to develop a concept on a topic (the environment, for example), how to create a way to present that topic (by writing a newspaper or magazine article, or by putting together a film documentary, or by designing a museum installation, etc.), and how to write the materials necessarily related to lead to that product (project proposals, funding proposals, scripts, and so on). Students also learn how this procedure works the other way around: from analyzing documentaries, articles, museum installations, etc., they consider what the creators' original concepts might have been, what choices the creators probably had to make, and how the messages were finally conveyed. One of the goals of the course is to encourage students to be imaginative in their work.

Keywords: Writing for the Media, Humanities and Professional Learning, Documentary Creation
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Paper: Integrated Liberal and Professional Learning

Dr Janet Bowdan

Associate Professor, Department of English, Western New England College

Janet Bowdan teaches English and is the Director of the Cultures Program at Western New England College. Her poems have been published in American Poetry Review, Best American Poetry 2000, Poetry Daily Anthology, Denver Quarterly, Verse, Hawaii Review, Slope, Smartish Pace, and elsewhere. She recently was a finalist in the SLS/Fence competition, and as a result attended the 2004 Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dr. Doug Battema

Assistant Professor, Department of Communications and Humanities, Western New England College

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