A Search For A More Complex Truth In Academia: Indigenous Standpoint

Dr Dennis Foley
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There are few Indigenous Australian PhD students graduating at Australian Universities. Indigenous approaches to knowledge, Indigenous Standpoint Theory have yet to be widely accepted within academic disciplines generally and the Humanities in particular.

An Indigenous methodological approach to research is a process whereby research is not undertaken for the academic institution of the non-indigenous researcher alone, but rather, it is research undertaken for the researched. Knowledge is retained by and of value to the community being researched. This is seen as an Indigenous protocol that can stimulate the Indigenous higher-degree research student to participate in the documentation of Indigenous knowledge within a framework of Indigenous acceptability that also has academic rigor.

Indigenous approaches to knowledge are a valid methodological approach within the framework of Indigenous Standpoint Theory. This enables Indigenous researchers to speak from their own cultural standpoint, assist in cultural maintenance and present their own epistemological 'truth' in an attempt to produce a more inclusive and therefore more complex form of knowledge.

Keywords: Indigenous Epistemology, Indigenous Standpoint Theory, Eurocentric Approaches To Knowledge, Research For Research Sake, The Academy Does Not Own The Research
Stream: First Nations and Indigenous Peoples
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Paper: Indigenous Standpoint Theory

Dr Dennis Foley

Lecturer, Koori Centre, The University of Sydney

Dennis lectures across a broad range of disciplines that include Indigenous Australian studies, visual art, literature, history, education, government and business studies. At the time of writing he is in the final stage of submitting his doctoral thesis titled 'Understanding Indigenous Entrepreneurship: a case study analysis'. He is a Fulbright scholar and the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships. Educational qualifications include an Associate Diploma in Management/Accounting, a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration. He is an Indigenous Australian custodian and scholar of Gai-mariagal and Wiradjuri parents. His most recent major publication aside from peer reviewed journals is 'Repossession of our Spirits', a book on his ancestral homeland in northern Sydney.

Ref: H05P0333