Teaching Point of View in Fiction and Film

Dr. Paul King
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Oftentimes students have difficulty fully understanding point of view (narrative stance) in works of fiction, especially considering the ways in which narrative stance has evolved in novels by authors like Henry James, William Faulkner, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf. This workshop will explore theoretical issues in point of view in various films to facilitate a deeper understanding of point of view in works of fiction. Select sequences from films such as A Day in the Country, The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Innocents, Psycho, and L'Avventura will be analyzed to gain a full appreciation for both visual point of view and psychological/emotional point of view in cinema. This workshop will weave excepts of various works of fiction between viewing film sequences and class discussions as a way of exploring point of view in fiction. The overall purpose of this workshop is to explore pedagogical strategies in teaching point of view in fiction through works of film.

Keywords: Teaching, Reading, Film, Literature
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Teaching and Learning
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Paper: Point of View in Fiction and Film

Dr. Paul King

Lecturer, Rutgers University

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