Integrating the Humanities: An Institutional Perspective

Dr. DawnEllen Jacobs
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Integrated Humanities, initially taught by a team of five professors representing literature, philosophy, history, music, and visual arts has anchored the curriculum of California Baptist University since early in its history. The course has evolved and matured with our expansion to university status, but it remains an institutional distinctive.

As the institution struggled to redefine itself as a comprehensive university, outside pressures such as facilitating transfer of units from other institutions; meeting outside accreditation standards for various programs, particularly in the area of elementary and secondary teacher preparation standards; and the logistics of scheduling five professors for one course in the face of a growing student body in need of increased course offerings soon dictated the need for some changes.

Currently, the original course format has been discarded in favor of individual professors teaching the course which is a greater challenge for faculty who must be able to present material cogently in all five disciplines. The current format, however, is more conducive to integration, hands-on activities, class discussion, and interactive assessment methods. All classes use a standard syllabus and requisite assignments, and the learning process shares the stage with the content as professors design activities to help students restructure their approach to learning. While the format may continue to change, the inclusion of the Integrated Humanities Seminar remains foundational to our curriculum and serves as the connective tissue between the aesthetic and academic experience for the CBU student.

Keywords: Integrated Humanities, Integrated Instruction, Curriculum Design, Teaching Strategies, Institutional Perspective
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Paper: Integrating the Humanities

Dr. DawnEllen Jacobs

Professor; Graduate Program Director, MA English, College of Arts and Sciences Department of Modern Languages and Literature, California Baptist University

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