Interdisciplinary Arts: Old Wine in New Bottles

Clare Henderson
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In an increasingly squeezed New Zealand curriculum, the compulsory Arts subjects of music, visual art, dance and drama now compete for a reduced amount of available time. Curriculum integration has been one way of accommodating multiple subjects in an overloaded curriculum. However, this risks the Arts becoming handmaidens to other subject areas, so jeopardizing the integrity of the separate Arts disciplines. This paper outlines an alternative paradigm of interdisciplinary Arts practice. This has been trialed recently with a group of undergraduate student teachers. In this paradigm, Arts ideas are thematically generated, developed and refined ideas across all Arts disciplines through a series of scaffolded, interdisciplinary experiences, based on common organising principles. Arts elements, devices and conventions are used to deepen the commitment to idea development. Applied examples of this paradigm are demonstrated and benefits and challenges, such as transference of knowledge between disciplines are discussed.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts Ideas, Development of Arts Ideas, Arts Elements, Devices and Conventions
Stream: Teaching and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Interdisciplinary Arts

Clare Henderson

Senior Lecturer in Music Education, Arts Language Department School of Education, University of Waikato
New Zealand

Clare Henderson is Senior lecturer in Music Education at the University of Waikato, where she co ordinates the primary and secondary music education teaching team. She teaches face to face and on -line in Teaching and Learning music papers for generalist student teachers at undergraduate and post graduate levels. She also teaches in Arts Education and Interdisciplinary Arts papers. Her research interests centre around gender and music technology, inclusiveness in music education and children's development and refinement of musical ideas in music composition. Working collaboratively with other Arts researchers, she is soon to commence work on a two year government educational research contract to investigate creative process in the Arts in primary school settings. Clare regularly musically directs musicals and choral activities in the local community.

Ref: H05P0308