The Ethics of Political Correctness

Prof. Jim Stockton
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It is my argument that contemporary political correctness is an ethical means of censorship that has grown out of control because of our (occidental) culture's misguided romance with moral relativism. In turn, this has led to a decline in media moral character. Consequently, media bias has grown in due proportion with the continued acceptance, and popularity, of both political correctness and moral relativism. By recognizing the proportional growth of political correctness, and its effect on the media ethic, I believe it is possible to outline a set of normative parameters that will assist the academic community in determining what is, and what might not be, a justifiable moral correction. Likewise, I believe that there are shared similarities, as well as clear distinctions, amongst western industrialized nations when it comes to the application of politically correct agendas. Following the delivery of my paper, it is my hope that such variations in political correctness will be discussed, and that the aforementioned parameters will be debated

Keywords: Ethics, Political Correctness, Relativism, Media Ethics
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Ethics of Political Correctness, The

Prof. Jim Stockton

Adjunct Professor, Philosophy, Boise State University

Holding an M.A. in both Philosophy and English, my interests go back and forth between traditional analysis and popular medium. I am currently working on a book length examination on the essence of contemporary political correctness and its moral ramifications; particularly so in the news media. Outside of my discipline, I write both poetry and fiction, and am currently working on my first mystery novel.

Ref: H05P0298