The City and Civilization, Civis and Civitas: Arguments from Literature

Prof. Nancy Nahra
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The discussion will examine the distinctions found in Virgil's Eclogues between the city and the country as civilizing places. I shall likely guide the discussion to include consideration of the English Romantic poets, as well as Thomas Hardy, Robert Frost, and Seamus Heaney. Then, through interaction with the audience, the analysis will open up to include other literary genres (e.g., drama, fiction) and other (i.e., non-English) literary traditions. Beyond that, the discussion might be guided to include questions related to modern perceptions such as whether cities, in fact, civilize or brutalize their inhabitants. The aim of the discussion will be to examine what link or links exist between knowledge from literary writers and contemporary realities.

Keywords: Roman Literature, English Literature, Roman Poetry, Theme of City Versus Country
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: City and Civilization, Civis and Civitas, The

Prof. Nancy Nahra

Professor of Humanities, Coordinator for Humanities Division of Arts and Sciences, Champlain College (Burlington, Vermont)

1998-present Professor of Humanities, Champlain College 1996-present Visiting Professor of Humanities, John Cabot University (Rome, Italy) 1983-1993 Lecturer, Modern Languages, University of Vermong 1979-1983 Graduate Assistant, Princeton University 1972-1979 Editor, researcher Signage Research Institute Palo Alto, California.

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