Virtual Pictures of Language Games

Prof. Claude St-Jacques
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The technological transformations imposed on the knowledge of the post-modern condition: this one is made to be sold according to a legitimacy promulgated by the standards of the occidental scientificity. It is what concluded Lyotard after the examination of the post-modern perspective resulting from the nature of the social bond now founded upon individuality. Language games, which are at the base of our social relations, can tolerate certain variations emerging from our individualism, but institutionalized knowledge draws the limits of these displacements. The evolution of the scientific discourse is perceptible according to a perspective imposed by an institutional standardization of the knowledge. For this reason, for certain people, science becomes the only thing capable of giving an exact picture of the reality of our world. What happens then to an image in a virtual world that depicts a source of information that comes from an uncertain environment and is built from some invariants? Under the inspiration of recent discoveries in cognitive sciences and Bierderman's theory of "geons" (geometrical ions), we investigate the idea that a cybernetics of the semantics, limited to some perceptual invariants of natural language, makes it possible to reproduce the flexibility of some language games into a virtual picture without subjecting them to a legitimation. However, two conditions must be observed to attain such an objective. First, the perceptual invariants into semantics must be of the same obvious level as the top and bottom of an object for the visual perception (biologically hard wired). Here we use the semantic relations of similarity and difference. Secondly, the topology used in this virtual picture produces an image of the reality of this perceptual invariance into a source of information, whereas all of the chaotic and under-determined aspects of the inventiveness of language games are preserved in the background.

Keywords: Language Games, Virtual Pictures, Post-Modern Condition, Institutionalized Knowledge, Cybernetics Of The Semantics, Perceptual Invariance, Cognitive Science, Flexibility
Stream: Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Virtual Pictures of Language Games

Prof. Claude St-Jacques

University of Ottawa

Ref: H05P0292