Returning to the Earth: Leslie Marmon's Silko's Yellow Woman Essays

Dr. Stephanie Rita Branson
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As Native American peoples view human experience in less linear, time-dependent ways, there is the possibility of imagining the future outside of the usual parameters. In Silko's novels Ceremony and Almanac of the Dead both apocalyptic and hopeful visions of the future are offered; in her Yellow Woman essays Silko provides a view of the future which upsets the victim/conqueror paradigm of Western American history, calling for an understanding that the Earth is stronger than the humans which inhabit her, and that it will eventually force accommodation from human inhabitants who have lost their connection to her.

Keywords: American literature, Native American literature, Ecological movement, Leslie Marmon Silko
Stream: First Nations and Indigenous Peoples
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Dr. Stephanie Rita Branson

Professor, Department of English, The University of Wroclaw

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