Odyssey 2005

Dr. Karen Sasha Tipper
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College freshmen in a "Current issues Symposium", compare and contrast the three civilizations represented in "The Odyssey" (2000-1154 BC) to and with life today to determine how far civilization has progressed in 4000 years. Besides enjoying the adventures in "The Odyssey", its form, and Fitzgerald's translation, the students' appreciation of the text is enhanced by their searching it for clues to the civilizations that Homer depicted to help with Greece's renaissance after the Dark Ages (1184-800 BC). To help them identify details in "The Odyssey", students also conduct simultaneous research in what historians and archaeologists have discoed about those times.

Besides reading The Odyssey", conducting historical research, and visiting local art museums, students must also read newspapers and magazines for current events. They have also to examine their own lives. Students do a number of presentations during the course, but the culminating requirement is a twenty-page term paper. The papers cover such issues as living standards, relationships, culture and war, religion, the treatment of women, and athletics. Thus students in their first year of college read, think, research, talk, and write about topics that are and will be a significant part of their lives.

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Paper: Odyssey 2005

Dr. Karen Sasha Tipper

Professor of English and Chair of Humanities, Department of English, Nichols College

MA thesis on Oscar Wilde. Ph.D. dissertation on Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire. Book (Edwin Mellen Press, 2002) on Lady Wilde.

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