An Interdisciplinary Perspective on International Law and the War on Terrorism

Dr. Carol J. Pretlow
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Since September 11, 2001 global attention has been directed to both American leadership of the war on terrorism and to the relationship between America's domestic security and international law. Consequently, not only is it necessary to examine the nature and operational aspects of terrorism and political criminality, but, to examine America's responsiveness strategies. This responsiveness is examined in the context of both domestic/constitutional law and the laws of the international community.

Concurrent with an analysis of the legal/political implications of America's responsiveness is the examination of the relationship between the cultural, sociological and economic effects of America's leadership of the war on terrorism and the responses to this leadership globally. Although a portion of this analysis will concentrate on the military aspects of preemption and prevention; it will be the legal assessment of these strategies that will be given most attention. As a result, the examination of responsiveness will not be limited to military responsiveness but, will be inclusive of legal, economic, political and social responses.

Ultimately, it is expected the paper will provide a framework for measuring the effectiveness of both domestic and international law in combating terrorism and political criminality.

Keywords: War On Terrorism, Political Criminality, International Law, National Security Law, Constitutional Law, Military Responsiveness, Legal, Economic, Political and Social Responses
Stream: Political Science, Politics
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Dr. Carol J. Pretlow

Director, Center for Strategic and Global Studies, Department of Political Science Associate Professor Director of the Center for Strategic and Global Studies Norfolk State University, Norfolk State University

Founding director of the Center for Strategic and Global Studies(CGSC) housed in the Department of Political Science at Norfolk State University; Dr Carol J. Pretlow is an Associate Professor of international law and international and comparative politics. Dr Pretlow has been the principal investigator for four of Norfolk State University's research contracts with the Department of Defense and has as well been an associate research fellow in national security law and politics at the W. E. B. DuBois Institute for African American Research at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a visiting professor of law and politics at Tongji University in Shanghai, China Dr Pretlow was designated by the university as an international scholar and has since been a guest lecturer on terrorism at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho; a presenter on aspects of national security and terrorism to the National Association of African American Studies in Houston, Texas , a presenter to the Southern Regional Honors Council in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of ten traveling scholars under the auspices of the University of Hawaii South East Asian Institute Dr Pretlow was in 2004 a participant in guided travel, research and study in Malaysia. Additionally, in 2004 Dr Pretlow was conference participant on the International Criminal Court conducted by The Human Rights Institute of the University of Ireland in Galway, Ireland. An expert on call for area news organizations, Dr Pretlow was a recent presenter of a paper, "Terrorism: Financial, Political and Legal Perspectives" at the Oxford Round Table at St. Anthony's College in the University of Oxford. Additionally, Dr Pretlow has been the editor of a course book anthology, 'Contemporary Issues on Foreign Policy and World Politics" published by Foreign Affairs Quarterly and of an instructor's manual, "Instructor's Manuel to Essentials of Logic" published by Prentice Hall. In addition to her position as an associate professor at Norfolk State University, during the past academic year, Dr Pretlow has been an adjunct professor of foreign policy at the National Defense University of the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr Pretlow is a resident of Norfolk, Virginia.

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