Social Entrepreneurialism and the New Humanities

Professor Richard E. Miller,
Dr. Mark Sheridan-Rabideau
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What role should the humanities play in contemporary university? Miller and Sheridan-Rabideau will argue for the humanities as a site for cultivating the creative and imaginative powers that reside at the heart of social entrepreneurship. Contending that training in the arts of critique-the standard fare of university-level humanities curricula-has failed to prepare students to engage meaningfully with contemporary challenges, Miller and Sheridan-Rabideau offer an alternate view of how the humanities might be transformed to provide undergraduates with experientially-based encounters with the creative side of problem-solving.

Miller will discuss his work on The New Humanities Reader Houghton Mifflin), which has shifted the focus of the entry-level required writing course to train students first to confront the seemingly insoluble problems of our day and then to imagine productive response to these challenges. Sheridan-Rabideau will discuss his transformative work on the Arts Now program, which trains students to work at the interface of musical performance and the recording industry. In both instances, Miller and Sheridan-Rabideau seek to represent such mediated encounters with the business world as the foundation upon which meaningful, sustainable programs for social change must be built.

This workshop will provide attendees with both a theoretical framework for reconceptualizing the relationship between the humanities and the market, as well as curricular strategies for training students to work, think, and create in the fertile, compromised spaces that are cultivated and inhabited by social entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial, Music, Pedagogy, Business, Non-profit, Composition
Stream: Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Professor Richard E. Miller

Chair/Executive Director of the Plangere Writing Center, Department of English, Rutgers University

Dr. Mark Sheridan-Rabideau

Assistant Professor of Music, Director, Music Business and Technologies, Millersville University

Dr Mark Sheridan-Rabideau is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Low Brass and Director of the Music Business and Technologies program at Millersville University. Active on campus outside the classroom, Mark oversees the Computerized Recording Instructional Studio and serves as advisor for the Entrepreneurial Musicians' Forum, Songwriters, Music Entertainment and Industry Student Association, and The Millersville University chapter of the International Trombone Association. As a trombonist and a jazz artist he has performed with the Jimmy Dorsey and Warren Covington Orchestras, as well as with bands backing-up jazz legends Clark Terry, Louis Bellson, Ed Thigpen, Bill Watrous, Pete Chrislieb, Kim Richmond, Stanley Turrentine, and Dave Brubeck. Mark was a charter member of the University of Illinois Faculty Jazz Ensemble, performing with Ron Bridgewater, Thomas Wirtel, and Keith Javors. As a founding member of the Continental Trombone Quartet (CTQ) along with four collaborators has recently performed at the Eastern Trombone Workshop, The Northeastern Regional College Music Society conference, and will perform at the International Association of Jazz Educators' conference in Long Beach, California; January, 2005. Dr Sheridan-Rabideau is a frequent freelance performer in Greater Metropolitan New York City. His teachers include Elliot Chasanov, Robert Gray, David Sporny, and Frank Crisafuli. Dr Sheridan-Rabideau is Executive Director for "Artists Now" Educational Group which sponsors educational programming for children and adults in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City.

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