Bluebeard: Charting the Anglophone Tradition

Dr. Casie Hermansson
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Book length studies analyzing Bluebeard's impact on a national tradition exist for France, for Germany, and most recently for Spain. But no such comprehensive treatment has yet been written charting Bluebeard through the Anglophone tradition, and that is the book study I am currently engaged upon.. I propose to outline the Bluebeard tradition as it has shaped and impacted the humanities (in a number of genres) from Spenser and Shakespeare to the present day, with particular emphasis on the intensifying of the dramatic tradition during the Victorian period, and dissemination through other art forms through the twentieth century. My published doctoral dissertation ("Reading Feminist Intertextuality Through Bluebeard Stories") instead looked at a few very select examples in order to illustrate a theory, and the forthcoming book by Maria Tatar "Secrets Beyond the Door: the Story of Bluebeard and His Wives" (October 2004) similarly selects representative works, without aiming at a comprehensive overview of the tradition.

Keywords: Bluebeard, Fairy Tale, Folklore, Literature, Victorian, Twentieth Century
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Paper: “Whatever color the beard may be…”

Dr. Casie Hermansson

Associate Professor, English Department, Pittsburg State University, Kansas

Hermansson completed her undergraduate degrees at Massey University, New Zealand, her Masters and PhD at the University of Toronto, and teaches at Pittsburg State University, Kansas, USA.

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