Christ-Centered Leadership: Leadership Lessons from the Foot Washing

Dr. Mary Darden
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Although there have there have been numerous books and even more numerous theories on leadership, there remains one flawless example — the leadership of Jesus Christ. No better example, no more perfect technique exists. The contention that the leadership style of Christ, as seen in the Bible, can and should be extended into the higher education office of the president is championed by such leaders as the former President of Regents College, Walter C. Wright; the President of Whitworth College, William P. Robinson; and the former President of Lee College, Robert C. Cloud.

This brief study is designed to serve as a tool for Christians seeking to serve, as typified by this example from the life of Christ – leadership not from above, but "among", "with", "beside", – that is, from the middle.

Keywords: leadership, Christ-centered leadership, foot washing, higher education, presidents
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Paper: Christ-Centered Leadership

Dr. Mary Darden

Research Assistant, Higher Education Administration, Baylor University

Mary Landon Darden is a former college administrator. She served as Coordinator of Community Programs at McLennan Community College in Texas for eight years and received the National Exemplary Award for Community Education from the National Council of Continuing Education and Training in 2001. Darden received a full scholarship to the Higher Education Administration Doctoral Program at Baylor University and is in the dissertation stage of that program. She currently serves as research assistant to Robert C. Cloud. Darden plans to graduate in August of 2005 and seek an administrative position in higher education in the United States or the United Kingdom. Darden has presented at three national conferences in the U.S. and has one refereed publication.

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