Stories, Folktales, and Literary Traditions of Afro-Caribbean Culture: Perspectives from Literature for Children

Dr. Karen Marie Prince
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Consistent with Theme 4 of the conference: Roles for the Humanities, teaching and learning, this presentation will address the richness of language and illustrative arts of Afro-Caribbean culture. A true multicultural exchange will result from the sharing of many examples of children's literature from a variety of Caribbean islands. The unique language and geographic beauty of the region has brought forth a wealth of literature that is as diverse as the Caribbean people themselves. Caribbean literature with obvious African roots can be found in many stories, folktales, and songs and this presentation will guide participants through an island journey as these African roots are explained and analyzed.

An important feature of this presentation is the sharing of actual examples of children's literature that exemplify the literary tradition and illustrative variety found throughout the Caribbean region. As this literature is showcased and discussed, an understanding and appreciation of Afro-Caribbean culture will emerge.

Each session participant will receive a carefully researched bibliography of Afro-Caribbean literature for children representative of several distinct island cultures. Suggested age and reading levels will also be indicated.

It will be my great pleasure to share the richness of culture, tradition, and African roots found throughout the Caribbean regions.

Keywords: Children's literature, Afro-Caribbean literary tradition, Bibliography of multicultural children's literature
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Dr. Karen Marie Prince

Assistant Professor of Education, Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, The College of New Jersey

Karen Prince teaches at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey. She teaches courses in teacher education, curriculum and instruction and has a strong interest in children's literature. Karen strives to encourage teachers and teacher-candidates to integrate curriculum through the use of children's literature, particularly literature with a variety of multicultural themes. Karen had the great pleasure of presenting at the 2004 conference in Prato, Italy and very much looks forward to participating in the 2005 conference in Cambridge.

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