30 minute Paper:
A conference session involving a 15 min speaker presentation, followed by questions and answers. Presenters are requested to select a chair from amongst other conference participants. The role of the chair is to introduce the presenter, keep the presentation within the 15 minute time limit and manage the question and answer session. Presenters may also chair their own sessions, but are requested to keep to this format. Multiple-authored presentations are welcome.


60 minute Workshop:
A conference session involving substantial interaction with the audience. This must not simply be a long paper - papers are for 30 minute sessions only.


90 minute Colloquium:
A conference session involving at least five registered participants (for instance, a chair plus four or more presenters who speak for no more than 15 minutes each). At least 15 minutes must be left for audience interaction.
[Note: The conference committee does not organise 90 minute Colloquium sessions. Interested delegates will need to formulate such a session with other colleagues. Colloquium participants may submit joint or separate presentations for the session.]


Virtual Presentation:
A paper submitted without the presenter attending the conference in person, but eligible to be refereed and published (if accepted) as part of the conference proceedings (the Journal) in print and electronic formats.